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Ensemble Ibn Arabi: Je t'aime de deux amours

Paroles "Je t'aime de deux amours"


عرفت الهوى

I knew love

مذ عرفت هواك

Since I knew your love

واغلقت قلبي

And  I locked my heart 

عمن عداك

To anyone but you

وقمت اناجيك

and I confided in you 

يامن تري

You who can see

خفايا القلوب

What's hidden in the hearts

ولست اراك

and I cannot see you

احبك حبين

I love you two loves ; 

حب الهوى

a love for the sake of love

وحبا لانك اهل لذاك

and a love because you are worthy of it

فاما الذي هو حب الهوى

as for the love for the sake of love;

فشغلي بذكرك عمن سواك

It is about having my mind busy with you

and no one else

واما الذي انت اهل له 

and as for the love that you deserve 

فلست ارى الكون حتى اراك

I cannot even see the Universe without seeing you 

فلا الحمد في ذا وذاك لي

so the gratitude for this and that is not to me

ولكن لك الحمد في ذا وذاك

but to you is the praise for all this and that

ادم ذكري من اهوى

Keep the memory of whom I love  

ولو بمنامي

even if in my dream

فان احاديث الحبيب

for the conversation of the beloved


is my wine

وانها بطيف منامي

and she is in the shadow of my sleep

ليشهد سمعي من احب 

so that my hearing would witness whom I love

بروحي من اتلفت روحي


I give my life to her

whose love with which

I ruined my soul

فحان حمامي

so my death arrived

قبل يوم حمامي

long before the day my death

ولم يبق الحب مني

and love didnt leave of me

الا حزني

except my sadness

و كابتي

and my depression

وفرط سقامي

and too much illness

لينجو خلي

so that my lover

من هوائي بنفسه

would save himself from my love


and be safe

ويا نفس اذهبي

and Oh Soul..Leave...


in Peace ....